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My Coming Out Story

Note: This story was written by a 17 year old female participating in a Youth Services program. She shares her story to help other youth and families. “I am gay.” That might just be one of the hardest sentences for … Continue reading

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Parenting Tips: Navigating the Younger Years

Being a parent can be one of the most trying yet rewarding roles a person can take on. Unfortunately, kids don’t come with manuals and even the best parent can sometimes use a little extra help along the way. Youth … Continue reading

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Getting Treatment: Juvenile Sex Offenders

“If only I had known about this program sooner….” Unfortunately, many worthwhile programs are sometimes hard to find and the youth and families who could benefit from their services, well, oftentimes they don’t. I just learned about this free local … Continue reading

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The Sky’s the Limit: Parenting Tips Learned from Eagles

I love bald eagles. They are so balanced and graceful, so independent and strong. When I see them soaring effortlessly on thermals of air, or diving down to catch a fish in their powerful talons, I understand why they are … Continue reading

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After School Programs: A Needed Resource for Parents?

How do your children spend their afternoons after school?  Ideally children spend it with their parents doing homework and playing, but for many families this is not the reality.  Quality afterschool programming has become essential as more parents work during the … Continue reading

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