Community Outreach: A Current Snapshot

The month of October was a busy month for Outreach and Prevention here at DYS. We have been doing our site checks for our National Safe Place Program. There are 86 Safe Place Sites in Salt Lake County where the youth can receive immediate assistance any time of day. Many Fire Stations, libraries, and recreation centers participate in this valuable and necessary program.

This was an exciting month at Youth Services for me. I was elected as chair person of the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Coalition and moved into the acting chair position when we had our retreat earlier in October. I have a meeting with Mayor Becker in November so that should be exciting. The Salt Lake City Mayor’s Coalition consists of members from all community sectors including: youth, professionals, and parents. The coalition is currently working on ad campaigns centered on adolescent substance abuse prevention. I am also a member of the South Salt Lake City Coalition and they are doing excellent work with the youth and families of South Salt Lake City. They are currently involved in projects such as the Pete Sauzo Center for Boxing and the Community Character Initiative.

We held a tour for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club this month and we are excited to work closer with them. They have several locations across the valley including centers in Sugarhouse, the downtown area, and Murray. We also reached out to the Spanish speaking community in Glendale when Youth Services therapist Joyce Robison informed the community about our free counseling, crisis therapy and other programs. The presentation was done in Spanish.

I have also been working with Salt Lake County Behavioral Health and their task force on Drinking and Driving. We conducted a survey back in the summer and are now evaluating the data so we can figure out how to prevent and decrease motor vehicle crashes related to drinking and driving in Salt Lake County. Another exciting announcement for Youth Services is that we will be presenting at the Utah Refugee Conference in January.

November is an important month here at Youth Services. We will be conducting school outreach visits and having our monthly training on working with Refugee youth and families. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and thanks for reading my blog!

About jasonmbrown

I am currently the Information and Refferal Case Manager at Youth Services. I have been working with youth for 13 years. I was recently elected as the Chair of the Salt Lake City Mayor's Coalition. In my spare time I like to go mountain climbing and playing/writing music.
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