How a soccer program helped improve grades

After School Soccer helps improve gradesAs the After School Program Coordinator at Brockbank Junior High, I participate with the youth in some fun activities. We recently completed an After School Program boy’s soccer league. This program was a huge success because it allowed us to bring a boy’s soccer program to Kearns , Kennedy , and Brockbank Junior Highs.

Although the boys were really excited about playing soccer, the staff was excited to see the other benefits. We found that  – just like a recent study by West Virginia University – participating in sports not only benefits physcial health but social and mental well being as well. Further research shows a link between fitness and academics and that was definately the case here!

Want to play? Get the grades!
The boys that participated in our Soccer League were required to maintain a certain GPA, attend school regularly and maintain other eligibility requirements as outlined by each individual school. Achieving and maintaining these academic requirements were difficult for some of the youth but with the help of the after school program’s study skills group they were able to participate in the sport they love. It also motivated the boys to maintain their grades so they were not in jeopardy of not being able to participate.

Soccer league improves gradesEach school created two separate teams scheduled to play the other league teams throughout a six week lineup that included both home and away games. The boys that participated at Brockbank Junior High were excited to have the opportunity to participate and play soccer because there currently is not a junior high boys soccer program in the Granite School District. We had 40 boys show up for soccer registration and averaged 16 player’s for each game. The Brockbank Junior High players showed a great interest in learning or expanding upon their current soccer skills.

Here at Brockbank Junior High School we had the ability to have a teacher coach one team (JV) and I had the amazing opportunity to coach the other team (Varsity).  This was an incredible growth opportunity for me to get to know these students and to watch their soccer skills improve due to their great love for the sport. Their dedication and enthusiasm allowed us to have an incredibly fun soccer season. And we even got 2nd place!

Team Effort
Youth Services and the After School Program would like to let everyone know that we appreciate all of the efforts from the coaches, referees and students. It took a great deal of time and effort from everyone involved to make the fall season a success. Due to the great success in this program we are planning on having a spring season as well and will let everyone know when we plan on starting the next season.

Fall Season Scores
The final standings for the fall soccer season are as follows:

  • 1st Kennedy Varsity 5-0
  • 2nd Brockbank Varsity 4-1
  • 3rd Kearns Varsity 3-2
  • 4thKennedy JV 2-3
  • 5th Kearns JV 2-3
  • 6th Brockbank JV 0-5

About clmanzanares

I have been employed in various positions at Youth Services since August 1998; I am currently employed as an Adolescent Services shift supervisor and an After School Program Coordinator at Cyprus High School and Brockbank Junior High. My goal is to assist youth and families find the resources needed for their families in order to promote success and happiness. I can be reached at I enjoy working for Youth Services and am looking forward to continuing to render my services to the community.
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7 Responses to How a soccer program helped improve grades

  1. daniel marquez says:

    jefferson jr. high used to be in that program why arent they anymore?

    • Kelly Riding says:

      Great question. Jefferson Jr. High no longer participates in the Youth Services Afterschool intramural soccer league because it doesn’t have an Afterschool Program and coordinating the soccer program became complicated without an on-site coordinator. We hope, however, to have one there in the future. Thanks for reading!

  2. daniel marquez says:

    Do you think they will have one by the next season that comes up? because they cant just take that program away from us especially because we actually brought our grades up for it.

  3. Kelly Riding says:

    We’re so glad it helped you bring up your grades and are sorry we don’t have the soccer program at Jefferson. The other schools that offer the intramural soccer have afterschool programs that are run by the county. At this time, Jefferson does not. I hope this changes in the future. Hopefully the schools will be looking into offering boys’ soccer in Jr. Highs. It sounds like you’re a huge soccer fan. Thanks so much for caring and good luck!

  4. daniel marquez says:

    Can you do something about it? Because we are so anxious to play at least one more season. It would be so much easier to just add hunter,matheson, and jefferson it would make a bigger and better season you should talk to the county about it. and yes soccer is my life thats why im asking for you to help.

    • Kelly Riding says:

      I admire how determined you are! Have you tried the Utah Youth Soccer Association? I just looked up their website and there is information about how to sign up for recreation or competitive leagues. You should check it out.

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