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How to deal with Oppositional Behavior in Children and Teens

All children are oppositional at one time or another, often because they are stressed, hungry or tired. This is especially true when they are two to three and in their early teens.  However, if oppositional and defiant behavior towards authority is interfering with daily functioning it … Continue reading

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Inside and Outreach: Winter Newsletter 2011

Message from Youth Services Director It’s a new year and at Youth Services we’re excited about the possibilities that await us in 2011.   As we reflect on the past year, we made a number of improvements in our efforts … Continue reading

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How to make your first budget

Teens and young adults with their first job or who are out on their own for the first time often have problems budgeting and are easily stressed about money. This can happen because they don’t have extra funds or they just blew … Continue reading

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Was I just date raped?

Because I work with youth who have been victims of abuse, I work with teens who have been raped on a date. I have noticed that the most common reaction for a teen when they have been date raped is … Continue reading

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Spice: What is it and why is it dangerous?

Spice has been a hot topic in the news this year and those of us who work with addicts have been paying close attention to what is happening in the local and federal laws. Spice is sold as an incense, … Continue reading

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Can teens mentor teens?

Several years ago, Youth Services started a Peer Mentor program for teens. This is our first year at Kennedy After School Program to participate. The idea behind the program is to provide a leadership opportunity for a youth who has … Continue reading

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What goes on at a legal rave?

I was talking to an acquaintance this weekend and somehow the subject turned to legal raves.  His friend had called him about a week ago because his 15-year-old sister was spotted rolling on ecstasy at a legal rave at the Salt … Continue reading

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How to make and keep your New Year Resolutions

With the New Year, it’s time for a new you. Whether your goals are to get fit, lose some weight, obtain better grades or become more organized, spending more time with family or improving family relationships, here is a step … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Family Communication

Every family has their fair share of fights. But if improving the home-harmony is on your resolution this year, it is important to learn how to start off the conversation when you feel upset, irritated or angry. Here are our top … Continue reading

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Why is school attendance so important?

Sometimes students and parents might question why school attendance is so important. Parents might think my child is only in kindergarten if they miss a day or a week that won’t hurt them. Or a parent of a junior high … Continue reading

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