How to make and keep your New Year Resolutions

new year resolutionsWith the New Year, it’s time for a new you. Whether your goals are to get fit, lose some weight, obtain better grades or become more organized, spending more time with family or improving family relationships, here is a step by step guide for setting and keeping your New Year’s resolutions.

How to keep your resolutions:
With the start of a new year, it’s a good time to make a change in your life. But as the year winds on, many people find it harder and harder to stick to or even remember their resolutions. But here’s some good news; with a little persistence, sticking to your resolution eventually becomes second nature after the first few months. With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your resolutions on track.

  • Set a realistic goal. Don’t plan to lose 30 pounds in four months—a more realistic (and healthy goal) is a maximum of two pounds a week, or 16 in four months. And along those lines, pick only one major goal: it’s harder to focus on your resolutions when you have too many.
  • Be persistent. This is your time to be stubborn and tenacious: the more you stick to your New Year’s goal, the better your results will be.
  • Make a plan and write it out. Break up your resolution into mini goals and plan how and when you will meet these. Once you have your plan, make sure to keep it in a place where you will often see it. This will serve as a reminder and help you keep your resolutions on track.
  • Visually track your progress in a day planner or wall calendar. Tracking your milestones and any small progress that leads up to your resolution will serve as a daily reminder, and will give you a satisfying view of how your hard work has paid off to date.
  • Stay realistic. If you miss one of your goals, don’t sweat it. Rather than trying to catch up to where you should be, revise your plan and keep tracking your progress.
  • Use the buddy system. Find someone else with a New Year’s resolution and hold each other accountable. Set a reward system for each other, having someone else reward your progress is more satisfying.

For more tips and ideas on keeping your New Years Resolutions check out the following website from the University of Maryland Medical Center. What are your New Year Resolutions this year?


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