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What role do you play in a childs education?

Ever since I watched and listened to President Obama’s State of the Union address, I just keep thinking about how important parents, caring adults and communities are in a child’s education.   You don’t have to fall within the same political … Continue reading

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Sensory Storytime for Autistic Children

At Youth Services, we are always looking for additional resources for youth and families that will benefit our own clients and we will periodically post them here on the blog. We recently learned about a new resource for families with … Continue reading

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Using Music to Reach Out to Homeless Youth

Working with homeless youth can be challenging. There are many barriers to overcome, the least of which is getting them to trust you enough to accept your help. This year, Youth Services has made helping homeless youth a priority: we … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons to getting the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine

A year ago I met with a friend for coffee and I noticed a bandage of courage on her arm— she had gotten the first in a series of three HPV vaccinations. Immediately I cringed; I can’t stand shots. The … Continue reading

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Getting a count of homeless youth

“Where did you sleep on the night of January 26th?” This is the question nationwide homeless shelters, nonprofits, government programs and other agencies asked to get a one night snapshot of how many homeless children, youth and adults are in Utah and across the nation.    As … Continue reading

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Closing Receiving Centers Means Costly Long-Term Effects

Note: Editorial provided by Rex G Wheeler Advisory Board Chairman Senior Regional Trust Manager Wells Fargo Bank Lawmakers on Tuesday, February 1, proposed closing Juvenile Receiving Centers and youth services statewide in an effort to save $4.5 million per year … Continue reading

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Valentines Day: Loving You in Spite of You

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. A day for the celebration of love. For hundreds of years, love letters were the way people showed their feelings for each other.  Letters evolved into greeting cards. Then after World War Two, gifts such … Continue reading

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