New Classes Means Better Results for Youth and Families

class for strengthening familiesAs part of Youth Services’ constant striving to help families across the Salt Lake Valley in the most productive way possible, we looked at dozens of programs to find the ones which we believe will be the most beneficial.

The Prevention Team is excited to announce the beginning of two new, free classes here at Youth Services. Both start this month and will run throughout the year.

Strenghtening Families: A Parent/Teen Class

Strengthening Families is replacing our old parenting course. The old course, while useful, did not have the impressive track record or the level of scientific backing that our new program has.

This new class provides parents and teens tools they need to help create the family and life they want most. It also allows the facilitators to show positive examples of good family communication and dynamic. The facilitators will work, not with just teens or just parents but, with the entire family unit in a comprehensive and supportive way.

The class begins with teens in one room and parents in the other. Separately they learn new skills and techniques ranging from communication and discipline styles to solving disputes and making time to be together as a family. Afterward they all come together to practice and ensure understanding of the new skills. The course is held one night a week for 10 weeks.

This is one of the most innovative and exciting Parent/Teen programs out there. Developed right here at the University of Utah, Strengthening Families is being used around the world with successful outcomes everywhere from Europe to Australia and with diverse populations and cultures.

Strenghening Families will be held on Thursdays from 6:oo-8:30 pm throughout the year. For parents and teens ages 13 to 17. Dinner and daycare provided.

The Real Deal

upset teen anger management classOur second new class,The Real Deal, teaches teens concrete ways to deal with frustrating and angering situations in their life. It teaches them how to relax and stay in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions. This 8 week course can help teens understand what they are feeling and why, and teach them to direct their behavior toward more appropriate outlets.

Our old Get Real program was becoming outdated and we as a team felt it was not actually teaching our clients applicable skills as much as abstract ideas regarding their anger. With our new Real Deal program, we are hoping to solve both of those problems.

Clients can expect to learn the most cutting edge techniques in Rational Emotive Therapy and how to apply it to their own lives in concrete simple to understand ways. We will use DVD’s, music, and examples from the clients real life in order to help them practice the tools learned in class.

They will learn three key segments through our program.

  • Getting It — dealing with how to successfully handle criticism and irritation
  • Giving It — learning and practicing how to express their anger and concerns with others in rational and non-violent ways
  • Working It Out — learning how to work out differences and keep their cool in what could become tough situations.

Real Deal will be held on Mondays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Youth Services throughout the year. For teens ages 13 to 17.

For more information about the classes, contact me at 385-468-4528.  

Tell us what you think about our new classes here!


About michaelkjohnson

I have been working here at Youth Services since 2008. I started working with the little kids at Christmas Box House and now supervise the Outreach and Drug Prevention team. When not busy runing around the valley and spreading the word about what we do around here I am found playing at the park with my dog, camping, or planning my next jet-setting adventure
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