Would Your Teen Know What to Do after a Car Accident?

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Despite successful driver training and preparation, young drivers very often find themselves in a fender bender in the early years of their driving career. If your child has just started driving, you should help them understand that part of being a safe driver is knowing what to do in the event of an accident. Most young drivers will be of the opinion that it won’t happen to them, but it’s important for them to know that accidents can happen, and that they need to be prepared if they are involved in one. Improper handling of an accident can hurt your teen’s driving records and his or her car insurance quotes.

Remain Calm

The most important thing for your child to understand is that they should remain calm in the event of an accident. Most children will panic if they have an accident, many because they are concerned about their parent’s response. Tell them that it is not the end of the world. Though accidents should be avoided if at all possible, once they have happened, the important matter is to deal maturely and appropriately with the situation.


Make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped, and that your child knows where to find everything in case of an accident. This should include insurance and license information, a first aid kit, a pad of paper and pen, and a disposable camera (for documenting the scene). You may also want to include a checklist itemizing the steps your child (and you) should take after an accident has occurred–most drivers find themselves quite frazzled after an accident, and will easily forget something.

First steps

Even with a list, your child should understand that the first thing to do is to ensure the safety of those involved and those around. The first and most important step is to attend to anyone that is injured. With the adrenaline pumping after an accident, people often don’t notice or acknowledge potentially serious injuries. Call 911 if there is any chance of injury. After potential injuries are taken care of, vehicles should be out of the way of moving traffic to prevent another accident. After everything is safe, they can call you to get your help throughout the process, or can refer to the pre-prepared checklist.

Basic Damage Control

The next steps are about gathering information about the accident to help process insurance evaluations and police reports. This involves getting the insurance information from the other driver, using the camera to document damage and the scene of the accident, and using the pad and paper for getting witness information and accounts, including everything they themselves remember about the accident. They should understand not to admit guilt, even if they think it is their fault. Finally, you need to make sure they have a safe way home. Accidents will seldom happen within walking distance of home, and if you don’t have another car to pick them up, they should have enough money available to get a cab.

An accident can be a harrowing experience that no young driver wants to be involved in. Make sure you and your child are completely prepared, and everyone will be better off in the unfortunate event of an accident.

CarInsuranceQuotesComparison.com seeks to help drivers drive safety, teach their children to do the same and to find great rates on car insurance. 


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3 Responses to Would Your Teen Know What to Do after a Car Accident?

  1. Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Locke says:

    The list is a good idea. As teens are prone to accidents, even if they think they are invincible, they will start to panic and forget everything else. The post is really useful in dealing with accidents in case it happens. With the list in hand, a teen will know what to do. It is good to have some materials for documentation so that they can jot down what happened before they forget or change their mind. Nice post.
    Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Locke

  2. Shannon Law Group says:

    Teenagers often think that they will never be in an accident, but it would be wise for parents to set a good example on driving habits. Having all the necessary documents, documentation materials, and a to-do list is very useful in cases of emergency. Usually, people will start to panic, and teens are no exception. If they are in a car accident and they will panic, seeing the list might just be the rational guide that will make them aware of what to do.
    Shannon Law Group

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