“Am I Ugly” Videos Damaging for Teens Self Esteem

So I was on Yahoo the other day looking over the news when I was surprised to see the following heading:  Teens ask, “Am I ugly” on YouTube

I decided to check this out for myself on YouTube and was concerned with the number of girls actually posting themselves on YouTube with the question.  Some of the responses were appropriate, but more were quite cruel saying things like, “You are ugly as ….” “You suck and you are an attention whore,” “You successfully got thousands of people to hate you-congratulations.”

KSL.com also recently did a story on the topic. 

“The videos have become popular, with at least one getting more than 4 million views on YouTube. The harsh and sometimes degrading responses from commenters often serve to further damage these teens’ already vulnerable self-esteem.”

  “A YouTube spokesperson responded to a request for comment Monday: “YouTube is for people 13 years or older. Our Community Guidelines prohibit videos or comments containing harassment, threats, or hate speech…” the response said. Yet there were the videos with comments that contained “hate speech,” in the very least.

Some of those girls may have just been “seeking attention,” but what about the girls who were genuinely asking the question; maybe because they had been told their entire life that they were ugly?  If they listen to the comments, most of which are actually quite hurtful, what road might that lead them down?

I spent my teenage years hiding beneath big baggy t-shirts and sweaters and all because of a thoughtless comment one boy made to me in the 6th grade. Imagine if I had received hundreds, or even thousands, of similar comments?

Believing that who you are on the inside is much more powerful than whom others see you as on the outside can be a difficult thing to learn. It takes strength and courage to stand up and say, “This is who I am, take it or leave it, because I like who I am as a person.”

As girls, teenagers, and women we need to encourage one another, but not about how great we look in the latest fashion trend, but rather that others comment on how much they enjoy being around us because of our caring, sweet, and thoughtful hearts.

What do you think about the “Am I Ugly?” videos? Do you think they are harmful for teen girls to post?


About skywatcher7544

I am a therapist with SLCO Division of Youth Services. I have worked at Youth Services for over 18 years in one capacity or another. I currently do In Home Therapeutic Services and love it. I really enjoy working with teens and their families!!!
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2 Responses to “Am I Ugly” Videos Damaging for Teens Self Esteem

  1. Wow this is SO sad and quite concerning.

    There are so many d*ckhead people out there in the cyberworld waiting for opportunities like these to arise just so they can try their best to destroy a person. I believe the term is bully. What they say doesn’t necessarily have one tiny bit of truth in it either. They just get their kicks out of causing destruction/attention of their own.

    I kind of hope that these people are posting these videos for attention, and not actually relying on/trusting the opinions of faceless unknowns. Can’t be good for anyone, let alone these young people who potentially already have very shaky identity and confidence.

    • Tammy Champo says:

      WitheringTulip – couldn’t agree more! Sadly many teen girls who have a low self esteem WILL believe the comments they are receiving from the online bullies. Hopefully they have a parent or adult mentor they can talk to so that it doesn’t do any lasting damage.

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