Children’s Justice Center Wins Best of State

Salt Lake County Youth Services is proud to announce the Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County won this year’s Best of State Award for the category of Community Development!

The Children’s Justice Center  is a Salt Lake County Youth Services program that serves over 1,500 individuals a year to empower children who are victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse or other crimes to speak out and shatter the silence.

Before the CJC existed, repeated interviewing from a multitude of involved agencies traumatized child victims. The police station frightened children, and they were too terrified to speak. Children were crumbling on the stand from the pressures of testifying in a courtroom. Offenders were not being held accountable, and something had to be done.

The center now provides a safe and family-friendly environment for children and teens where they receive coordinated services during the investigative process so healing can begin. Through its best practices’ protocols, the CJC is successfully prosecuting cases and children are recovering from their experiences.

The organization has continually demonstrated phenomenal strides of achievement in the field of community development and wellness from its two facilities. Their methods have far reaching benefits implemented in similar programs both nationally and internationally. Many visitors have discovered the CJC through word-of-mouth and have come to observe the operations to duplicate it in their own countries such as Japan, Argentina, Sweden, England, Israel, and Canada.

Among the 400 child advocacy centers across the United States, the Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County has emerged as a leader of its industry. The Children’s Justice Center was presented its medal at the Awards Gala on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake.

The Best of State Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah. By recognizing excellence in communities and sharing examples of success and triumph in so many worthy endeavors, the Best of State Awards hopes that “all will be inspired to reach a little higher, to try a little harder, and to work a little smarter for our dreams and goals.” 

For more information on the Children’s Justice Center, please visit or visit the organization on Facebook at to see event photos.

About slcjc

Hi! I work at the Children's Justice Center and love my job. It is great to make a difference every day. I was a therapist before I came to the Children's Justice Center and worked in hospitals, juvenile detention, and shelter care programs. Teens are my favorite age group because they are fun and tell it like it is. I have 2 amazing kids, a cool dog and 2 lazy cats. I am always up for an adventure and love to see the world. It matters to me that kids are safe, protected and supported to become who they were meant to be in life! Seize the day and make it your own!
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  1. Congratulation on the win, that is so great.

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