Safe Place Success Stories

We have had a few successful Safe Place stories in the last month and I want to take a moment and thank the people involved and share two with everyone.

Our first thank you goes out to the West Valley Library staff. When a youth in trouble came into the library and asked the librarian involved if she could help him find a Safe Place she was able to remember exactly what to do. She asked the youth to wait patiently and made sure he felt safe and then called us at Youth Services. The JRC Weekend staff was able to work out coverage for the staff and mobilize to rescue our youth in need. The youth had been having family problems at home, but was able to come to our JRC and stay the night while the family calmed down. The next day the family was re-united and able to make plans to speak with a therapist. They have since contacted us and let us know that everyone is doing much better. This is a perfect example of how Safe Place works and how we all play a part in its success as a site, as staff at Youth Services, a parent, or a client. Thank you to all involved.

Our second thank you of the month goes out to those hard-working firefighters at Murray Fire Station off 9th East. When a youth came to them in the middle of the night claiming he had been kicked out and had nowhere to go, they were quick to take action and call Youth Services. Our team was able to go out pick-up the youth and his belongings and get him to a Safe Place while trying to figure out what was going on and how best to help him. In this case it may have felt to some we were not being helpful due to the hostility of the parents, but I contend that again, the system worked just as it should. The Fire Crews were able to see the program in action, the Youth Services staff worked it just as they were supposed to, and the youth learned that if he is in trouble this is a reliable way to go and he doesn’t need to be out on the street alone for the night or even an hour. Even the parents learned of Youth Services existence and the programs we offer that can help them next time.

Again thanks to everyone involved and please remember to spread the word about Safe Place. As a site it is important to remain a visible symbol of safety even if you are not being used you are being seen. As an agency the more consistent we stay the more likely we will get word of mouth that Safe Place works in Sat Lake County. To our friend and parents out there, tell your kids, your nieces and nephews, your grandchild that if they EVER feel unsafe for ANY reason Safe Place is a way to “Get Help Fast” and receive Safety, Shelter and Support.


About michaelkjohnson

I have been working here at Youth Services since 2008. I started working with the little kids at Christmas Box House and now supervise the Outreach and Drug Prevention team. When not busy runing around the valley and spreading the word about what we do around here I am found playing at the park with my dog, camping, or planning my next jet-setting adventure
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