Smoking Alcohol

It seems there is always one more thing to watch out for with our children when it comes to Drug and Alcohol prevention. Today I want to take a moment and let you know more about “smoking” or “vaporizing” alcohol. What it is, how it’s done, and the dangers of this new fad sweeping the nation.                        smokealcohol

Smoking or vaporizing alcohol is, at its basic level just another way to get really drunk. It is a specially designed way of drinking to get the most high you can as quickly as you can using alcohol. By pouring any form of alcohol into a plastic soda bottle and then highly pressurizing the liquid inside the bottle, the alcohol becomes a vapor or mist which is then breathed in like smoke.

Many rumors are spreading about this new way to “drink” including the rumor that you get all the alcohol with none of the calories. This is NOT TRUE. If someone inhales the alcohol vapor they also inhale the calories of that alcohol. They do not, however, inhale much of the actual liquid. In other words, after vaporizing the alcoholic drink, the liquid could be returned to the original bottle or container making it difficult for adults to notice their own bar supplies decreasing.

So, it doesn’t decrease my caloric intake, but is it really any more dangerous than just regular drinking? The answer is, absolutely yes! Here is the danger; alcohol breathed directly into the lungs reaches the brain much faster than alcohol drunk and no amount of food slows the absorption because you are bypassing the digestive system. When you drink alcohol it is first digested and filtered through your liver. By the time it reaches your brain you are not getting as much of the drug into your brain as you consumed. My bypassing this system you will get more highly concentrated alcohol going directly to your brain making the chance of an overdose very possible. You will also not feel sick and throw-up if you have too much, it will just stay in your blood stream and re-connect with the brain again and again.

Putting it simply: “The normal sensation when you drink and you are getting more drunk is to vomit: It’s your body’s way of expelling alcohol,” explained Dr. Robert Glatter of Lenox Hill Hospital. “However, when you inhale alcohol, your brain has no way of expelling it.”

There are also people telling youth this is a way to drink but not get caught. This is also untrue. You will look and act drunk, likely more so than by drinking, you can get a DUI and it is readable on a breathalyzer test.

Parents, teens are learning this from friends and from Youtube videos. I highly recommend that you see them as well so you can be aware of how this works and watch for the needed supplies in your teens room. Set internet filters high so they are unable to see these videos and don’t forget to do this with their smartphones too. Finally, talk with your teens about the dangers of alcohol and build a trusting relationship with them and their friends.

The greatest anti-drinking tool is you!


About michaelkjohnson

I have been working here at Youth Services since 2008. I started working with the little kids at Christmas Box House and now supervise the Outreach and Drug Prevention team. When not busy runing around the valley and spreading the word about what we do around here I am found playing at the park with my dog, camping, or planning my next jet-setting adventure
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