Youth Services Volunteers Package Fresh Produce for Seniors

13_2By: Jennifer Bybee Pomeroy, Milestone Transitional Living Program

Last month, Milestone Transitional Living Program Participants had the opportunity to volunteer with Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services at Wheeler Historic Farm for their Meals on Wheels MealsPlus Program.  Youth from our Boys and Girls group homes also volunteered packaging fresh produce for distribution to homebound seniors.

Meals on Wheels is a nationwide program that provides food and meals to seniors and delivers them directly to their homes. Many of these seniors have a hard time getting around and even leaving their houses which makes this program a great benefit and service to them. Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services is expanding the program to include fresh fruit and vegetables to seniors along with their meals.

They welcome volunteers to come every Monday to help in the garden and to divide all the produce into bags that they will deliver.  Youth Services participants work alongside other volunteers to pick, sort, and bag the fresh produce.  It’s a rewarding experience and all of our participants really enjoy being a part of something this meaningful and important.  It’s great to see young adults from the Milestone Program and our group home youth working hard to help others who are in need and it is something we hope to continue participating in.

People interested in volunteering to help the MealsPlus program can contact Jeremy Hart at Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services, or 385-468-3258.

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