Milestone Transitional Living Program Open House

photoBy Mina Koplin, Milestone Transitional Living Program Manager

The Milestone Transitional Living program helps homeless young adults between the ages of 18 and 21 to become self sufficient. Last year we had the privilege of serving 33 young men and women. There are two homes one for Men in Sandy – that can house 5 men and a live-in house manager and a 4-plex in West  Valley City – that can house up to 6 young women.

Our mission is to help young adults attain self-sufficiency by supporting them with one to one mentors, community service, offering life skills groups, connecting them to community partners – such as the Utah Department of Workforce Services, and providing case management that focuses on our participants self-directed goals.

When young adults come to Milestone they are homeless and alone. They all come from different backgrounds and have their own story to tell. I would like to share one of our young adults stories with you.

Maedeh’s Story
She came to our program at 18 years old and in her arms was her 3 month old baby. She had been kicked out of her home by her parents and had no where to go. She was enrolled in school and was working part-time at a fast food restaurant. When she came in to discuss Milestone as an option, she expressed her desire to make a “better life.” She focused on her schooling and graduated early with a 3.7 GPA! She will walk with her graduating class in June. She has enrolled in college and will take her first class this summer. This young woman now has a full-time job, child care, a reliable vehicle and a significant savings account for when she moves into her own apartment. She wanted a better life for her and her son and now she has one.

It is an incredible experience to work with young adults and help them create a better life for themselves. Part of creating a better life is having a living space that is conducive to that goal. Which is why the Milestone staff, participants and several community partners worked together to renovate the men ‘s home and update the women’s.

imagejpeg_0On Thursday, May 21, 2015, The Milestone Transitional Living Program will be recognizing Salt Lake County Deputy Mayor Nichole Dunn and key community partners who have supported the remodeling of the men’s home and updating of the women’s home. A celebration ceremony with speakers such as, Pastor James from the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Pat Berckman-Division Director, Mina Koplin-Milestone Program Manager, and Deputy Mayor Nichole Dunn will take place. Lunch will follow the speakers and tours of the men’s house will be given to all in attendance.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see how so many in our community have come together to make the lives of homeless young adults better.

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