Annual ShelterKids Fundraiser Efforts Makes History

IMG_6451By Mike Varanakis, Youth Services Public Information Officer

On Wednesday, June 3rd, the ShelterKids Board in partnership with Salt Lake County Youth Services hosted the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament fundraiser at Stonebridge Golf Club. This event benefits at-risk youth and their families who are clients and participate in Youth Services programs.
There were 136 golfers, blue skies and the tournament resulted in a total fundraising effort of over $30,000!!! This is the largest fundraising effort in the history of ShelterKids, more than twice what last year’s tournament raised which allows children, youth and families to receive the help and assistance for safety, shelter and support.

IMG_6465ShelterKids is a public-private partnership with Salt Lake County Youth Services dedicated to assisting children and youth who are victims of abuse, neglect or foster care disruption by helping raise money and resources to provide emergency residential care, counseling, prevention services and youth community activities. The organization is comprised of an all-volunteer nonprofit board supporting the youth participating in programs at Salt Lake County Youth Services.

The generous board donors and community volunteers donating their time to mentor youth, supply in-kind and monetary donations through ShelterKids impact Youth Services programs and services. Funds raised from an event like this open doors to youth who have never had the opportunity to be part of a summer sports clinic to learn how to golf or to fly fish or see a Bee’s game, benefit from of yoga or a dance class, take an educational field trip to the Natural History Museum or Clark Planetarium, teach teens gardening SL-Bees-4techniques where they discover new concepts like food production, horticulture skills and appreciate the natural world. All of these opportunities provide stress reduction, teach healthy lifestyles and give youth who have experienced neglect and/or abuse in their life a safe environment to expand their knowledge, learn better social skills, learn how to work together and be part of building healthy communities. Efforts support Youth Services counseling programs, onsite residential homes,  afterschool programs, recreation therapy and the Milestone Transitional Living program.

Thank you again to everyone that came out to support the 2nd Annual ShelterKids Charity Golf Tournament. We look forward to continuing the tournament in 2016 with even better results as we continue to grow and spread the word. Shelterkids welcomes new volunteers interested in becoming board members or wishing to participate with the board to determine other supportive projects. Thanks again to all the attendees, board members, staff, sponsors, and volunteers. If you’d like information about ShelterKids and how you can get involved please call 385-468-4506 or visit

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