Milestone Garden Takes Shape

IMG_0034.JPGBy Levi Veo, Milestone Transitional Living Program Case Manager

What was once a forgotten patch of land was trimmed, plucked, sprayed, and raked into a wonderful small garden that will hopefully produce a little fall harvest. The Men’s Milestone home recently undertook the project of turning the land just north of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church into a vegetable garden. The land was generously donated to the Men’s Milestone Program for the summer with the idea of becoming a lush and productive garden to not only enjoy, but to learn the value of work and the rewards that can follow.

photo 4Staff and Milestone participants pulled all of the weeds out of the three garden boxes and the sizeable area that would soon become the strawberry patch. Weed Barrier was placed in each box and a bevy of plants were planted. Tomatoes, pepper’s, cucumbers, cilantro, basil, watermelon and strawberries were all given a home too. Participants of the Milestone Program are responsible for watering the garden and the general upkeep in addition to their daily routines.

photo 2Staff and participants began the process of adding wood chips around the garden area to give the space a more aesthetically pleasing look. A special thanks to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and The Christmas Box International for the land, help and support. As the water and sun do their own work, everyone is excited to see how the garden turns out and to snare that first red ripe strawberry.

For more information about the Milestone Transitional Living Program please call 385-468-4500 or visit

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