Bruce Field Reopening Celebration

IMG_1117By Belkis Villa and Krysta Brochinsky, Youth Services Afterschool Program Staff

It’s been over a year since work began on the abandoned Bruce Field in Kearns. What used to be a rundown baseball field filled with trash has been transformed into a beautiful and useful new park thanks to the hard work of Salt Lake County staff, nonprofit organizations, and members of the community. With the new sod, trees, and the old playground cleaned and repaired, the parks image has drastically changed.

IMG_1131On Saturday, August 15th, the area was filled with life as Salt Lake County celebrated the reopening of the park. Open to all members of the community the celebration boasted a bounce house, rock climbing wall, a DJ, free tacos, and a presentation by the K-9 Unit from Unified Police Department. Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and State Senator Karen Mayne both attended the festivities speaking warmly of the transformation of the park and the revitalization of areas within the County to make clean and healthy spaces for citizens. The completed project is only the first of this plan to improve areas in communities all over the County.

IMG951128The park was lined with informational booths representing many services offered through Salt Lake County and the Kearns community. The booths included Salt Lake County Youth Services, Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services, Salt Lake County Library, Kearns Community Council, and the Kearns Recreation Center. Each booth was staffed by volunteers eager to talk about their services. Library staff encouraged the community’s participation in planning the appearance and layout of a new Kearns Library. Youth Services staff presented materials to increase awareness about the importance of youth safety and the dangers young people face when they feel they have nowhere to go or are in crisis situations. They also highlighted the Safe Place program, which brings together businesses and volunteers to provide help and safety for youth facing abuse, neglect, bullying or serious family problems, as well as our Afterschool Programs and counseling services.

For more information about all of Salt Lake County Youth Services programs please call 385-468-4500 or visit

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