My Salt Lake County Internship Experience

imagesBy Daija Jones, Youth Services Peer Youth Worker

Entering a new work environment can be intense. Walking into my summer internship with Salt Lake County Human Services Department, I held onto the idea that I would feel incredibly intimidated. I was unsure what work assignments I would receive, I assumed I would be stapling papers and cranking out dozens of cappuccinos for someone who wouldn’t even take the time to learn my name. Within minutes I found I was wrong.

On my first day of my internship, I was shown around the office, introduced to everyone, and set up at my very own desk. Within 24-hours everyone around the office knew my name and thought up projects for me to oversee. During the course of my 8 week internship I sat in on a plethora of meetings with various topics, learned how to unjam a printer, and even how to assemble a chandelier for someone’s office.

Feature-slider-imageMany people may think that internships are arduous. Thankfully my internship was filled with experiences I would not have been able to have anywhere else. I was never stuck in a small room at the back of an office stapling papers all day. I was continuously working on projects and occasionally making phone calls. All the work I was given benefited the office in some way. I was never once asked to complete a task that was only meant to occupy my time. I was always undergoing a task that was important no matter how small it was.

Completing an internship with Salt Lake County Human Services Department helped me realize that working isn’t always boring. Sitting in on meetings wasn’t nearly as uninteresting as movies and television series make it out to be. Also, work doesn’t have to be intense to be helpful to the greater situation at hand. My internship helped me realize that completing small tasks is incredibly valuable and necessary. It is the small tasks that add up and support the entire system. Learning this lesson will help me in the jobs I plan to pursue in the future.

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