Milestone Team Helps Stuff the Bus

photo 8By Levi Veo, Milestone Transitional Living Program Case Manager

Milestone staff and residents had the unique opportunity to participate in the United Way of Salt Lake Stuff the Bus project.

This school year, many children will lack the supplies they need to enter the classroom ready to learn. Stuff the Bus helps provide school supplies for low income children served through Neighborhood Centers and Community Schools. Community members can participate by holding supply drives and donating them to Stuff the Bus. Supplies collected are stuffed into backpacks and delivered to over 20 locations on United Way of Salt Lake’s Annual Day of Caring, September 10, 2015. Stuff the Bus provides school supplies to over 8,000 low income and refugee students who are in need.

milestone2Milestone participants sorted thousands of pens, pencils, folders and notebooks to prepare for the big day of stuffing backpacks. With record speed and diligence hundreds of unopened packages of pens and pencils were turned into thousands of individual supplies, while boxes of uncounted notebooks and folders were turned into numbered and labeled boxes ready for their big day. Milestone participants were proud of their work and grateful for the opportunity to participate in this fulfilling and exciting campaign.

For more information about the Milestone Transitional Living Program please call 385-468-4500 or visit Or if you’d like to learn more about the United Way of Salt Lake Stuff the Bus project please visit

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