Kearns Junior High Afterschool Building Club

IMG_0076 (3)By Bel Villa, Youth Services Afterschool Family Resource Coordinator

Kearns Junior High, and its Afterschool Program, have a long tradition being involved in the local community. From the Kearns Parent Resource Center, to hosting the Mobile Health Clinic, as well as the Utah Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry, students and administrators are always eager to give back. A perfect example of this is portrayed in a recent service project done by the school’s Building Club led by Mr. Babcock.

The Building Club is an afterschool activity thought of by Mr. Babcock, one of the 8th grade math teachers at Kearns Junior High. In an effort to make learning basic math and science fun and engaging for the students he created a club that comes together every week to create a variety of projects while using math and science principles that they learn during the school day.

The club recently finished a long-term service project they’ve been working on over the course of last school year. With Mr. Babcock’s assistance and supervision, fifteen seventh and eighth grade students designed six tables and twenty-four chairs, cutting the wood themselves and assembling all of the furniture. Over the last few months students were able to finish off the furniture by sanding it down and coating all of the tables and chairs with a sealant for durability. The club then donated all of the pieces to the daycare/preschool that is hosted in one of the relocatable buildings on the school’s property. The daycare offers childcare services for the parents in the neighborhood that make use of the school’s Parent Resource Center.

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