Urban Art for Teens

Authored by Maria Drummond, Youth Services Recreation Therapist

Through collaboration with Salt Lake County Library, Cat Rogers, a local artist and Urban Arts Instructor, was invited to come teach a four part urban art class at the Girls Group Home earlier this month, and is just getting started with the same class at the Boys Group Home this week. We’re so happy to get to work with her. The girls’ class turned out some really great art.

image1The teens learned how to use spray paint on several different surfaces, including a giant board for a community mural. They also got to design and paint their own trucker hats. This was a great opportunity for the teens in our emergency shelter program to learn more about urban art, practice some cool spray paint techniques, and experience the satisfaction of success. Even more important, it was an opportunity to practice working together to create something awesome, and to take risks and learn to embrace the moments when an idea didn’t turn out quite like they imagined it ought to. Sometimes the greatest image3moments in life are the ones you didn’t plan for.

If you find you’re facing an unplanned for moment, and need a little help navigating through it, contact Youth Services at 385-468-4500 or check us out at http://www.slco.org/youth to see how we be can best be of service to you or your family.

If you are interested in bringing the talented Cat Rogers to your youth group, contact her at Catrogers@killpaint.com or 801-230-6250 to see what class options would be a good fit for your group. Or just check out her awesome art at http://www.killpaint.com. ”



About Carol Hendrycks

As a communication professional I have enjoyed working for profit and non-profit organizations for over 30 years. I came to Youth Services in 2009 to volunteer and never left! It's a terrific blend of taking what I am passionate about i.e. communications and spinning my talents to benefit youth that is a most rewarding career and personal experience.
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