ShelterKids and Salt Lake County Youth Services Partnership

In June, ShelterKids, Inc in partnership with Salt Lake County Youth Services held their annual golf fundraiser at Stonebridge Golf Course. ShelterKids is a 501 c 3 nonprofit that directly serves at risk youth and families along with funding other experiential activities for youth involved in Youth Services programs. This year we were able to raise over 13K that which is a sizable amount that will go to a variety of activities like supporting a soccer team in a school that otherwise does not provide this activity, supplement clothing and hygiene needs.IMG_0731

The board is made up of various prominent business leaders and is an all-volunteer board with all proceeds and service benefiting our client at Youth Services. It is a small, but mighty group of dedicated professionals that are compassionate people and care about our community and helping youth by offering options, activities and mentoring. Children, troubled teens and young adults are provided opportunities that they otherwise might not experience because of the generous service and donations the members offer. The members strive to meet the needsAngelTreeMayorMcAdams1 of our residential clients (ages 0-17), shelter and crisis care programs (teens), afterschool programs (teens) and our transitional living young adults (ages 18-22). Funding is competitive and additional services are necessary to meet basic needs and provide activities that supplement the ever growing population of youth and families needing assistance. Salt Lake County Youth Services serves over 9,000 youth a year. It takes a lot of resources that the county, state and federal funds cannot always cover. (the picture shown here are members Brian Rose, Janine Gardner, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and Jeff Smith (ShelterKids Chair).

IMG_3571Long-standing member Jean John, VP of First Utah Bank says, “Hearing the personal stories from the kids as to how some small action on our part made a huge difference in their life is what this is all about.  We need to continue to spread the word about the work of ShelterKids so that we can continue to enhance the lives of children in our community”. Jean John shown here promoting the annual Angel Tree Giving Tree Campaign at the Salt Lake County Government Center in partnership with the Mayor’s office. All county employees and the public are encouraged to give during the holidays.

The members all feel much the same way as Ms. John and they know that by serving here they are bringing awareness to the county about under privileged youth, troubled youth, abused and neglected youth and their families who maybe struggling to find safety, shelter and support in an ever changing world our youth face. AABBB_9311

Salt Lake County Youth Services would not be able to provide our clients all of theIMG_0288 activities and basic needs without the support of ShelterKids. Youth Services relies on the good works of these members supplement the programs with bedding and household items, support the youth and provide options for recreational and therapeutic, hands on experiences that help our youth gain a new perspective, teach them a skill and provide an outlet for youth to gain self-esteem, learn to control behaviors, work together as a team and respect others and themselves.

ShelterKids is always looking for individuals who would like to join the board, who will bring influence and connections that will make a difference is a young persons’ life. If you have a referral or you are interested in joining or would like more information about Salt Lake County Youth Services and the public private partnership with ShelterKids please contact us at 385-468-4500 or visit


About Carol Hendrycks

As a communication professional I have enjoyed working for profit and non-profit organizations for over 30 years. I came to Youth Services in 2009 to volunteer and never left! It's a terrific blend of taking what I am passionate about i.e. communications and spinning my talents to benefit youth that is a most rewarding career and personal experience.
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