Youth Services Employee Relations Committee is improving our workplace

Authored by: David Christensen, Group Home Therapist

The Youth Services Employee Relations Committee (ERC) was started several years ago to improve employee morale.  The committee provides a means for giving feedback from staff to administration about concerns and areas for improvement in the Division.  The current committee is comprised of ten employees that work in various areas of the Division including Clinical, Milestone, After-school, Family Resource Facilitation, Shelter Care, Prevention and Fiscal.

The committee has been focusing on several issues related to employee morale, namely hiring and promoting practices and employee training.  The committee talks to employees in their respective areas, discusses concerns in the meetings and feedback is prepared for administration.   During the last year, the committee has given two proposals to administration regarding hiring and promoting and employee training.  Both of the proposals were well received by management and are in the beginning stages of implementation.  We encourage active staff to be active in making the Division a great place to work.  There are many ways that you can get involved including providing feedback to the committee, becoming a member or making your work environment a positive, engaging place.  If you are interested in becoming part of the committee please contact David Christensen at or 84522.

The committee members are as follows:

• Jack Burbidge – Christmas BoxIMG_0351
• Janae Briggs – Prevention
• Bel Villa – After-school
• Caitlin Adams – Milestone
• David Christensen – Clinical/shelter
• Jeanene Randall – Fiscal
• Margaret Laforett  – Reception
• Lauren Greco – Family Resource Facilitation
• Desiree Steadman-Gallegos – Clinical
• Erin Dixon – Shelter supervisor

We hope that more staff people joins the committee as it is a great opportunity to be engaged in the development and continuous improvement of our work place.

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