Snapchat it’s here to stay

Authored by: Janae Briggs, Prevention and Outreach Case Manager

What is snapchat? Snapchat is an app that is basically like texting but with pictures. It has been said that snapchat was created to send very, very naughty pictures of you. 41% of teens in the world have downloaded snapchat from the Apple ITunes store.


A few years back before snapchat made new changes, and changed the privacy codes, it just use to work by sending pictures and no one could screenshot. There was no way of keeping the picture that someone sent you. People would send pictures and you could only look at it for 10 seconds at the max, and that was it. Now, people can replay your snapchats and also screenshot them. The new changes that have been made, allow people to do more things or take advantage of the app and people themselves.

Snapchat is a fun way of communication, but always very sketchy so be careful with what you send to people. You can also have a lot of fun with the new snapchat filters, and stickers, they’re really funny to mess around with. Like I said before, snapchat can be a good but also a bad thing. So just be careful with what you do with it and what you post on it.

A few interesting facts about Snapchat:

The forecast looks good for Snapchat according to eMarketer. It is forecasting explosive growth for Snapchat’s ad revenue by next year. This jump is said to be attributed to Snapchat’s ability to reach younger millennials, its wider ad portfolio, and targeting ad improvements.

Augmented Glasses are almost here

Snapchat augmented glasses are almost here. It has been reported that they have been staffing for a team to start work on the glasses.

Since Snapchat has recently joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) this leads to speculation that they are getting closer to a real product. This also leads people to believe that becoming part of the SIG they will produce a device that connects to smartphones through Bluetooth.
Despite having 150 million daily active users who are addictively engaged with the app and a valuation of almost $20 billion, Snapchat faces fierce competition, especially from Facebook-owned Instagram.

It is evident that Facebook is not afraid to outright copy Snapchat by their introduction of Instagram Stories. It is a complete clone of Snapchat but people don’t care as evidenced by its 300 million daily active users.

To not be brushed aside by Facebook, Snapchat will need to look beyond its app. Hardware could be one avenue.

Remember as first stated, have lots of fun with Snapchat but be careful! Once it is sent, there is no way to get it back. You never know others intentions or motives.

Melanie Aviles, Salt Lake County Peer Mentor
Report: Snapchat ad revenues to reach almost $1 billion in 2017; by Sarah Perez (@sarahintampa); September 6, 2016
Snapchat’s Rumored Augmented Glasses Could be One Step Closer to Reality; BY RAYMOND WONG; September 6, 2016

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