Making ImPACTful Memories Together on National Family Literacy Day

Authored by: Anna Zanarini, Early Literacy Librarian at the County Library

Did you know that November 1 is National Family Literacy Day? Celebrated across the U.S., Family Literacy Day is the celebration and promotion of families – parents, children, grandparents and other relatives or caring friends – sharing stories and learning together.


There are many ways to celebrate literacy and to learn together as a family. Below are a few ideas:

• Talk about everything
• Share favorite books and stories
• Visit the County Library
• Attend cultural events
• Do something outside
• Learn something new
• Share favorite memories
• Make new memories
• Have fun!

Learn something new about an activity your family enjoys doing together, either by searching the web or finding material at the library. Into hiking and outside adventures? Find a field guide for trees or animal tracks and see what you discover on a shared family walk.

Choose a new or favorite book and find a family activity to further explore the ideas in the book.  For example, if you read a book about a farm or farm animals, visit the County’s Wheeler Historic Farm together as a family and talk about the animals that were in the story.

Notice all the places words intersect with the world. How many words can you see from the car? In the store? Look at street signs, labels, billboards, or maps.

Have fun making words and letters! Serve alphabet soup, or try making letters out of everyday objects.

The main idea is different generations coming together to actively and simply participate in literacy activities.


This November 1, and every day, the County Library encourages all families to make a PACT – Parents and Children Learning Together, a term coined by the National Center for Families Learning – to learn, share stories, strengthen relationships and make positive, imPACTful memories, together.

Share in the comments how you celebrated National Family Literacy Day!

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