Pink drug(U-47700) and what to do about it

Authored by: Khanh Tong, Prevention Case Manager

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the “Pink” drug (also known as U-47700). Many fear that this is the “new drug” on the street and it could get to our youth. Due in part to the two young boys from Park City who died from using the drugs, it is very close to us, and it is real. Some facts about U-47700 are:pink.jpg

• It is seven times stronger than heroin
• You can legally order it online with a credit card in Utah
• DEA are in the process to make it illegal
• Killed about 50 people so far


In the wake of these events, we need to remember that new drugs are popping up all the time. Each time, one drug is getting deadlier than the last: Spice, Ecstasy, Bath Salt, Methylone, Krokodil, etc.


The important question is: how are we going to respond to drugs?

Parents are STILL the number one reason teens don’t use drugs and alcohol, and it’s important for family to:

• Have dinner together
• Spend time together
• Parents talk to kids about values, goals, and dreams
• Parents set clear rules and expectations about drugs/alcohol

At Salt Lake County Youth Services, we provide prevention classes. If parents need tips or courses to learn more about how to help prevent and stop drug abuse. We also provide outpatient treatment and counseling for youth who use drugs, and case management in the form of wrap around service for families and individuals who want to get better. These services are free of charge for teens and their families.  Families/Parents can contact Salt Lake County Youth Service at 385-468-4500 or visit our website at to find out more about the available classes and set up an appointment.

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