Embracing All of Life’s Confetti Glitter Bomb of Emotions!

Authored by: Erin Dixon, Group Home Supervisor

In January and February, as a society, we can walk through 2 – 20 collectively recognized holidays or days of significance.  In those 7 short weeks we see the beginning of a new year (up to 3 times depending on your individual calendars and celebrations).  We honor days of remembrance focusing on civil and human rights through service.  This year we witnessed the passing of the torch in the US presidency, we have holidays to celebrate love, rebirth, new beginnings, hope for spring, and equality for our fellow beings.

Regardless of an individual’s political affiliation, religion, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, favorite food, or lifestyle, there are significant stressors on the calendar.  The emotions generated, and how we process those emotions, is what I am referring to as life’s confetti glitter bomb of emotions. A roller coaster of emotional highs and lows all designed to influence our passions, and motivate us in one direction or another.

This tumult can be overwhelming.  If we fixate excessively on one aspect of the confetti glitter we can lose sight of the bigger picture, and forget that we are beautiful, compassionate, strong, perfectly flawed individuals coming together to make a difference in our communities through public service.

Maybe your bright red flecks are passion and love, or they could be a feared diagnosis. Whatever they may represent to you if isolated and exacerbated you end up with nothing more than a red piece of card stock.  You lose sight of the rest of the confetti flecks that make the whole cannon blast so beautiful and vibrant, and you are left with just a hand full of red construction bits.

When added back into the collective confetti blast, you regain that rainbow of experiences, and the red fleck does not seem so overwhelming.  Your blue flecks of peace and wellness, the green flecks of the hope for spring, the yellow flecks of sun, gold flecks of security, white flecks of winter, black flecks of night sky.  Each color will represent something new for each person, but when combined and processed as a whole the experience can be more manageable, and then you add glitter!


Glitter are all of the moments of laughter in between.  Glitter are the tears when all of these emotions become too large to stay contained in one person. Glitter are the moments when you feel at peace, when you look at your life and you feel like you are winning. Glitter is all of the magic. It is the “stuff” that gets us through. The hugs, the connection with friends or family, the peace found out on a trail, or sitting by the water waiting for a fish to bite.  It is the glow we feel helping youth and families navigate through their most difficult life memories.

Like each of us, the components of the confetti glitter bomb are unique.  Each person will have different meaning for each color, and unique coping skills to process those experiences.  In the midst of this beautiful chaos it is important that we remain mindful of our well-being and periodically check in with ourselves to ensure we are embracing each fleck of confetti, recognizing its place in our world, keeping it in proportion, and allowing it to settle back into the collective beauty.

I have added a list of some of the places I go for ideas on self-care.  I hope you find something on this list that will help you to keep your confetti in check….and most of all, I hope you ENJOY!!

See it here:


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