Salt Lake County Summer Internship Program

Authored by: Khanh Tong, Prevention Case Manager, Youth Services and Jessica Thayer, Criminal Justice Services Associate Division Director

Last year, Salt Lake County Youth Service placed 45 summer interns through Salt Lake County agencies and our partners. The Refugee Summer Internship program gives access to refugee and underserve youths to better jobs and skill development. The interns went through the application process, learning how to get paid, scheduling their times with supervisors, and getting additional training every month.  Interns were place according to their choice of work and proximity to the agency they work with. We had five Salt Lake County Agencies placing 33 summer interns, and eight other partner agencies placing 12 more summer interns. Upon completion, many interns stated that they’ve learned new skills which allow them to take it to another job, and they want to return next summer to gain additional skills.


Example of the client experience: Abdikadir (Abdi) Eftin provided exceptional service at CJS over the course of his internship Summer 2016. He showed not only professionalism and follow-through, but an eagerness to learn about the justice system. Abdi spent a good portion of his time shadowing different positions throughout our division, and attending various types of court hearings. He also participated in many projects including creating a list of resources to aid our clients who had an undocumented immigrant status and updating a list of community service resources. Both projects required a great deal of collaboration and outreach to the community.

Abdi served on a CJS committee to plan and execute our annual National Pretrial, Probation & Parole Week, and helped in recruiting Community Panel volunteers for our Focus Program (repeat DUI offender program).  His recruitment efforts began with him attending and learning about the Panels, then creating recruitment fliers, and finally doing in-person outreach in the community. Abdi was very self-driven with these projects.  His work at CJS has continued to benefit our clients and staff as it has provided important, accurate and current resources and information to increase our clients’ success.  Abdi was always engaged and eager to take full advantage of every opportunity to increase his knowledge. His positive attitude and willingness to learn was a delight to have around our office. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

The 2017 Summer Internship opportunities are fast approaching for the county. Currently we are looking for employers to take an active role in supporting youth and hosting them at their organization this summer. 50 youth ages 16-21 will apply through a job fair held by DWS. The program training will be held at the Utah Refugee Education and Training Center, SLCC Meadowbrook Campus, 250 W and 3900 S Building B in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 22 form 11a-2pm. For more information contact Cara Stephens, Youth Services Associate Director if you are interested in participating at 385-468-4500. More information at will become available soon. Please check back on our website to hear about details and dates for submitting an application.

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