Common questions about Strengthening Families

Authored by: Khanh Tong, Prevention Case Manager

In the Prevention team at Salt Lake County Youth Services; we’ve getting a lot of questions about what our Strengthening Families class teaches, and how it works. In this blog, I hope to be able to answer some of those questions.


What we teach in the class?

Each week, we show parents and teens how to have better communication skills, encourage good behavior, help teens handle peer pressure/bullying, solve problems, give directions, and setting limits/rules. We also open up discussion about goals, dreams, values, traditions, drugs/alcohol, sexuality, and relationships.

When and where is the class?

Our next class starts April 5, 2017 and it lasts for a 10 weeks. Classes are taught once a week on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM. They take place at our main campus: 177 West Price Avenue (3610 south), South Salt Lake City, UT. 84115. We have classes year round, so if April does not work, we have other dates available.

How to register and cost?

To register, please call 385-468-4528 . Daycare is provided. Dinner (6pm-6:30pm) is provided. All provided for free.

Who can come to the class?

Parents with youth(s) from 13-17 years old; the entire family is encouraged to attend.

We hope that this answer some of the common questions we receive. If you have any additional questions, call us at 385-468-4528 and we’d be glad to answer them.

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