Women’s Leadership Forum

Authored by: Maria Drummond, Recreational Therapist at Salt Lake County Youth Services

Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate the achievements of women around the globe and across eras. The day also marks a call to action for encouraging equal rights for all genders.


What better day, than this, to highlight Salt Lake County’s Women’s Leadership Forum?

This forum strives to combine a mix of management, supervisor, and frontline female Salt Lake County employees, with the following objective and curriculum, stated in the program overview:

“The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) is series of five conversations designed to teach women leadership skills and develop a professional network.  The goal is to recognize and support the role of women’s leadership in Salt Lake County and by doing so to create a shared understanding of how we as individuals can take deliberate action to encourage a more supportive environment where women can succeed and where diversity in our workforce is realized.”


Session 1:  Lead from Strength
The focus of this session is on participant’s strengths and their stories of how they successfully used their abilities to make a difference at work or home or in their community.

Session 2: Lead Like a Women
This session will look at the continuum of leadership strengths and how men and women lead differently. There is no ‘perfect’ leadership style. As discussed in the first session, leaders are strongest when they lead from their capacities.

Session 3: Lead the Decision
This session will focus on the five questions you must answer when dealing with important decisions. Next, we will discuss how ego can enhance or hinder good decision making and how best to create group situations where it can improve decision making.

Session 4: Lead with Confidence
This session will focus on how to project an executive presence. We will focus specifically on how to make requests of your supervisor, including asking for raises and promotion opportunities. We will also focus on how to exude confidence during interviews.

Session 5: Lead Yourself
In this session we will explore what participants really, really want to accomplish in their careers and in their lives. They will dream their futures and share that dream with each other.


The forum typically runs in the spring and fall, with our next forum beginning next week, on March 17, 2017. Applications are now closed for this forum, but if you are an interested Salt Lake County employee, you may e-mail Mary Van Buren to request that you be notified when fall applications open. Applications require supervisor approval.

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