Math & Science Night

Authored by: Michael Cox, Family Therapist

On March 8th 2017 over 200 students, parents and community members from the Kearns Township gathered at Kearns Junior High to solve a mystery; Who “killed” Principal Bell?  While no harm came to Kearns Junior High’s new principal the invented intrigue sparked the 2017 Kearns Junior High Math & Science Night.


During the event, students and families visited several stations hosted by Kearns Junior High faculty and community partners. At each station, they had the chance to do a science or engineering project. Successful completion of the project earned the participant a clue to solve the mystery.


Parents and students used science and worked together to crack the case, and then enjoyed a free dinner together as family, sponsored by Salt Lake County Division of Youth Services.  Community partners from the STEM action center, Salt Lake County Library’s Kearns Branch, the Discovery Gateway Museum, and the University of Utah school of engineering each hosted a booth.  This event has been celebrating student’s talents and drive for math and science in Kearns for over ten years.

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