Celebrating National Volunteers Month

Authored by: Gina Percival, Volunteer Coordinator at Salt Lake County Youth Services.

“Only a life lived for others is worth living.” 

Albert Einstein

April is a special month. Not just because of Spring Break or Easter, but because we get to recognize the people that have been serving others without anything in return. Those who instead of complaining have taken the lead to make a change. Those who are really spreading the love with facts, rather than words.


All this month, we are celebrating our volunteers. Fortunately in our state, we have many. Actually, Volunteering and Civic Life in America (VCLA)  ranked Utah as the No. 1 volunteering state in the nation, showing that:

  • 45.3% of residents volunteer
  • We have 937,770 volunteers
  • 154.9 million hours of service
  • $3.5 billion of service contributed

At Salt Lake County, we have always been engaging volunteers as there are many opportunities for anyone and everyone to help build better communities.  The results couldn’t be better. Our 17,634 volunteers are not only doing a great job, but they have been a life-saver:

  • They have served us for over 718,437 hours
  • Their service value is estimated at $16,832,463.
  • The value of volunteer service  results in an estimated annual savings of approximately $30,000 in Utah State taxes and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.
  • The hours of volunteer service is equal to 341 full time employees.
  • The hourly value is based on the Salt Lake County hourly average of $23.76 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Department of Labor).

Joell_1200px-8 (002)

We are very proud of volunteers and we should recognize their work all year long. That’s why here is some good ideas to show your appreciation on a daily basis:

  • Give them the Bigger Picture- show them the importance and impact of their service.
  • Provide Food for your volunteers when they work- shows that you care.
  • Check in with your volunteers- to make sure they are feeling motivated and engaged.
  • Feature volunteer stories on publications and media.
  • Give your volunteers awards/thank you gifts.
  • Send your volunteers a simple and hand-written Thank You/Birthday card.


Fortunately, volunteering is more than service. It has been proven that it leads to better health, better relationships and better opportunities for finding a job. At Salt Lake County Youth Services we are always looking for those that are willing to take action. We are serving over 9,000 people every year and are trying to support children/families in need around the County. Help us to serve better. If you want to join our cause, contact Gina Percival at gpercival@slco.org or call at 385-468-4506. Get involved now!

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

Elizabeth Andrew







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