Queer Prom: Offering a Safe Space to Bust a Move

Authored by: by Ricky Vigil; Afterschool Program Coordinator, Cyprus High School

Think back on your teenage years. Do you remember feeling misunderstood? Did you ever feel like you didn’t belong? Did social settings felt uncomfortable for you? Did you have anyone to share your feelings? Many of us look back at high school as a highlight of our early lives—others would rather not talk about it. Lots of people are somewhere in the middle, but imagine you had to deal with the daily struggles of teenage life, from the miniscule to the world-shattering, and also being LGBTQ+.

The Utah Pride Center has many great programs for young people, including support groups for younger and older teens, as well as activity nights and the Queer Youth Activist Council. Each April, they also hold the Queer Prom. This is an event where LGBTQ+ can experience the fun of a high school dance in a safe space free of judgement. Like any good high school dance, Queer Prom has a theme: Carnival! The occasion features all the high school dance standards, including a DJ, food and drinks, but also goes out of its way to make LGBTQ+ more comfortable by offering all gender restrooms, as well as on-site changing facilities. The event organizers also offer help in connecting youth to resources in their community, and host drag performances.


This year, the dance will take place on Saturday, April 22nd from 8 PM-12 AM at the Salt Lake City Main Library. Youth ages 14-20 are invited to attend. Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the doors, but a limited amount of scholarships are available by contacting jimmylee@utahpridecenter.org

For more information and to buy tickets, visit utahpridecenter.org

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