Teacher Appreciation Day!

Authored by: JaNae Briggs, Prevention Case Manager

May 9th, 2017 is Teacher Appreciation Day and in celebrating I thought it would be fun to ask some of the employees of Youth Services who their most influential teacher was and why.

I got a lot of great responses and realized what impact teachers have on our lives. I was lucky to be able to have my father as my 4th grade teacher. He was very inspiring by starting each day with having us write an inspirational quote from the chalkboard into our notebooks. He taught me many life lessons not only in the classroom.


Khanh Thong – “Mr. Bailey my 4th grade teacher since he was the first teacher I had when I came to the United States.”

Jillian Hill – “Sean Camp my current professor because he has been very encouraging and didn’t let me quit.”

Shauna Briggs – “Mr. Phelan my senior year English teacher because he tried to connect with the kids and make learning fun.”

Ann Stoddard – “Mr. Hansen my senior year Texas history teacher because he turned teaching into one long personable story.”

Joyce Robinson – “I can’t remember my cello teachers name but they were personable, sweet and always there for me.”

Jeanene Randall – “My 7th, 8th and 9th grade art teacher, Mr. Thorpe. I was considered as a friend.”

Ayelet Engelman – “I really admire Corine who is our teacher at JRC South. She comes to us from the Jordan School district and she has a great connection with the kids. She gives them hope and encouragement when they really need it.”

Anne Schmidt – “Professor Piercy when I was going to graduate school at Utah State University. He was a great mentor and helped me to graduate.”

Cara Stephens – “Miss Taylor my 5th grade teacher. She was strict and made us do more than the minimum to make me better.”

Lynn Keck – “My 10th grade English teacher who kicked me out so I had to retake it again in 12th grade. They explained things in a way that made it easier to learn.”

Chad Sanders – “Ms. A. She took the time to make the subject interesting by engaging me and fanning the flame to pursue video production that I’m still involved in.”

Margaret Laforett – “My high school Vice Principle, Ivan Cendese. He was open to talk to you and represented you to your teachers. He was instrumental in helping me to graduate.”

Doug Bunker – “Mr. Pappas my High School English teacher. He encouraged me to write and was supportive of my writing.”

Rolando Reboiro – “Miss Merica my High School English Literature teacher. She brought class together. We would arrive early and have to be kicked out late because we were so wrapped up in the subject matter. Our options mattered and our answers were never dumb.”

rolando's favorite teacher

Stacey Hembury – “Gerry Burchett my 11th grade Math tutoring teacher. He was very compassionate and he is the reason I chose the field I did.”

JD Green – “Mr. Kerr my 12th grade drama coach. He wouldn’t accept anything but my best.”

Desiree Stedman-Gallegos – “Mrs. Christensen my 5th grade teacher. She understood me. She was very kind and patient.”

Brock Yancey – “Mrs. Higbee my 10th grade English teacher. She was very encouraging and supportive. She liked my stories even though I came to class high sometimes.”

Nancy DeMarco – “Mrs. Jameson a Math teacher at Eisenhower Jr. High. She knows her stuff and takes the time to present in an understandable way.”

Jenny Lo – “My high School Math teacher. He taught in a way to make sense and opened my mind. He changed my whole education path.”

Maria Drummond – “My 10th grade Chemistry teacher. I hated him but he required accountability at tutoring classes. You had to be there by 7:03 am or be locked out. Many times the door was shut in my face just as I got there. It helped me realize these things matter and I’m capable of performing at a higher level.”

Stacy Peterson – “Deputy Chard my 11th grade Criminal Justice teacher. He was level headed and showed both sides. He was never heavy handed and taught you had to give respect to get it. He was relatable and personable. He inspired me to be in this field.”

Xavier Tisdol – “My High School basketball coach, Coach Fields. He taught us life lessons and acted as a father figure since many of us didn’t have a father in our lives.”

Michael Dawes – “Ms. Gibbs my High School Drama teacher. She helped me come out of my shell and be more vocal.”

Joe Drury – “Shawn Crowler my Youth in Custody Teacher. He taught the standard of rules. He held me accountable but took care of me. He led me to graduating.”

Andrew Aragon – “My 6th grade teacher Dr. Coffey. He believed in me and gave me confidence. He made me believe in myself and made learning fun.”

Mark Roberts – “Mark Christensen at Kearns High School. He is open and caring. He started the Angel Foundation.”

Michelle Brown – “Mr. Watson my 7th, 8th & 9th grade Music teacher. He knew peoples potential and had an ability to share and connect with his students.”

Tim Lucas – “Coach Myers my High School Gym teacher and wrestling coach. He was a professional wrestler “George the Animal Steel”. He showed me the ins and outs of professional wrestling.”

Eric Churcher – “Mrs. Hall was my favorite teacher because she befriended me when I was a scared little kid just removed from my family.”

German Ochoa – “My favorite teacher was my Math teacher when I was a freshman in college. She was very patient, very personable and a good teacher.”

Rudy Bonilla – “Miss Talbot my High School Math teacher. She was very patient and understanding.”

David Christensen – “Mrs. Clark my 6th grade teacher. She had a classroom economy system and two times a year you were allowed to barter with other students and use your classroom money to buy things. It was really fun.”

In conclusion, it is obvious what a big impact our teachers have had on our lives. Please remember to give a big shout out to our amazing Youth Services teachers, Ms. Hall, Courtney Christman, Ms. Horgan and Kory Pritchard.

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