Summer Fun in Magna and Kearns

Authored By: Ricky Vigil, Afterschool Coordinator

For many kids, summer is two-and- a-half blissful months of sleeping late, watching endless hours of YouTube videos, and promptly forgetting months of their teachers’ hard work over the previous school year. It’s easy to fall into this routine–studies on Summer Learning Loss have proven that many students loose up to two months of math skills, and low-income students loose two months of reading comprehension skills as well. Kids definitely deserve a break from the intense day-to-day life of school, but it is also important to keep them engaged both academically and socially. In Magna and Kearns, the Youth Services Afterschool programs have implemented a Summer Blast program to keep them active.


This year, Salt Lake County Youth Services will be offering four Summer Blast programs as an extension of our Afterschool Programs. Students from Kearns Jr. High, Kennedy Jr. High, Matheson Jr. High and elementary students in Magna will be able to experience field trips, group activities, as well as reading and science workshops, to reinforce much of what they learned in the previous school year. These programs also allow students a crucial opportunity to socialize with their classmates, as well as being in a supervised environment during a time when many of their parents are working.


We’re excited to be able to offer an elementary program in Magna for the first time this year, servicing kids from Pleasant Green, Elk Run, Lake Ridge and Copper Hills elementary schools. The program will focus on literacy and will take place at Magna Library, who has always provided great support for our Afterschool Programs. 100 students will be receiving academic reinforcement as well as enrichment activities. It will also allow parents to be able to work during those hours and not have to arrange for a sitter or other kinds of supervision for their kids.

Each program’s length, start and end dates, and activities vary–contact the Afterschool Program Coordinator at each individual school for more information and to register for the programs.

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2 Responses to Summer Fun in Magna and Kearns

  1. agrteknolan says:

    Hey, how about spreading the news about the Kearns area Jr. High and High School mountain bike team? We still have 5 loaner bikes. 😉

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