Refugee Summer Internship Program

Authored by: Khanh Tong, Prevention Case Manager

Each summer Salt Lake County Youth Services hosts the Refugee Summer Internship Program. The program usually starts on June 5th and ends on August 11th and the youth have the opportunity to work with various Salt Lake County agencies. The process is not easy. Interns go through interviews and trainings just like all County employees.


This year, we partnered with the County Library, Recreational Centers, Aging Services, Health Department, District Attorney’s Office and other agencies in Salt Lake City. These places will have open doors for Interns to learn, work, and be trained to perform various jobs.


The purpose of this Internship Program is to help youth gain employment skills, learn appropriate workplace behavior and acquire knowledge that will help them plan for their future. Unfortunately, many of these refugees come to the United States with many barriers that prevent them from working, such as having minimal English skills, a foreign educational background, and/or transportation. To be able to find employment is not an easy task. It is even harder for all of them, that is why this program has been a great pathway to find a job.

Fortunately, this year our Refugee Internship Program will have 50+ participants. We will for sure keep track on their progress and report on success stories to come.

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