Hug Your Kids Day

Authored by: Erin Dixon, Group Home Supervisor

There are snuggly wuggly benefits for hugging our kiddos!


Monday July 17th is recognized as Global Hug Your Kid Day!  Today, I am grateful to be a part of a global community that understands that not only is a hug is worth to celebrate, but that all our kiddos as well!

In preparing to write this blog I wanted to make sure that I was informed on the legitimate, medically proven benefits of hugs and snuggles, so of course I went straight to a Google Search.

I was pleased to find so many sources that complimented my investigation.  Some of the articles focused on the stress-reducing, health-related benefits of hugging, while others touched on the mental health benefits.  Hugging is essential for bonding, for  fighting off common colds, and to make people feel better.

The basic science is a little like this:


It blows my mind to think that with something so easy I can medically improve not only my kiddo’s well-being, but mine as well! With so many benefits, why would we NOT hug more?

As parents and caregivers we have made a commitment to keep our kiddos alive, safe, and happy. Now we are sure that our bodies are designed to support life by simply wrapping our arms around our children and giving them a big squeeze!


Our global community has designated the 3rd Monday of every July as Global Hug Your Kid Day, so today I challenge you to hug your kid.  Hug your kid, hug your dog, hug your neighbor if they will let you, and take advantage of that good feel domino effect!

Happy week to all!! Snuggle away!

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