Turn Around Bright Eyes: There’s a Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun

Authored by: Liz Sollis, Salt Lake County Library

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will take place and the County Library is offering several programs and viewing parties to help maximize this incredible experience.

Whether you’re looking for solar eclipse storytimes, crafts, or information on the solar system, we’ve got a variety of programs for science enthusiasts of all ages and learning abilities taking place in August.


In addition to sharing information about the solar eclipse, some of our branches are giving away solar eclipse viewing glasses (while supplies last, at limited locations) to people who attend their solar eclipse program. If you can’t attend one of these programs, or the program you attend doesn’t offer glasses, you may make your own viewing tools using instructions found on the County Library website. Viewing glasses may also be purchased at Clark Planetarium.

To find a County Library solar eclipse program near you, and to learn a few fun facts about the total solar eclipse, go to slcolibrary.org/solareclipse.


Programs and events taking place at other locations across the County, as well as basic solar eclipse information, can be found using this hashtag: #AllEyesOnTheSky and by visiting the Clark Planetarium website.

Solar Eclipse Safety Tip: NEVER look directly at the sun, especially during a solar eclipse.

You belong at the County Library and your interest to read, create, learn, play and connect is supported by our employees, programs, collection and online resources. Early and lifelong learning, as well as equal access for all, are at the forefront of all that we do. To learn more, literally, visit slcolibrary.org, and stop by one of our neighborhood branches.


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