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I have been working here at Youth Services since 2008. I started working with the little kids at Christmas Box House and now supervise the Outreach and Drug Prevention team. When not busy runing around the valley and spreading the word about what we do around here I am found playing at the park with my dog, camping, or planning my next jet-setting adventure

Dangers of Legalizing Marijuana – A Prevention Perspective

Since the 1920’s The United States has outlawed Marijuana in various degrees and forms across the country. These laws became unified and strengthened in 1970 when marijuana was declared a Schedule I drug with the Controlled Substances Act as Title … Continue reading

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Positive Factors to Help Teens Stay Drug Free

One helpful tool for preventing teens from trying alcohol and drugs is called the “Risk and Protective Factor” theory.  There are many factors that have been statistically proven to contribute or lead to teen drug use.  By identifying some of … Continue reading

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Smoking Alcohol

It seems there is always one more thing to watch out for with our children when it comes to Drug and Alcohol prevention. Today I want to take a moment and let you know more about “smoking” or “vaporizing” alcohol. … Continue reading

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Electronic Cigarettes – A New Threat?

#E-Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes, or E-Cigarettes, are one of the hottest new items hitting smoke shops, big cities, and online shopping sites. These products claim to be a safer alternative to smoking and possibly even a tool to use to quit … Continue reading

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Safe Place Success Stories

We have had a few successful Safe Place stories in the last month and I want to take a moment and thank the people involved and share two with everyone. Our first thank you goes out to the West Valley Library … Continue reading

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What is Safe Place?

I am excited to write to you today about the National Safe Place Program basics as well as an exciting new feature we started in the last year and our big plans for this coming year. In 2010, 13,712 children … Continue reading

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Guide to Teen Car Insurance and Driver Safety

We all know teen drivers pose a higher risk behind the wheel than older drivers with more experience, but most teens and parents aren’t aware of what those risks mean. High auto insurance premiums might be the least of a … Continue reading

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