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Suicide: Is there a way to help?

Authored by: Jillian Hill, Prevention Supervisor With 609 recorded suicides in 2015, Utah has the 5th highest suicide rate in the nation. In 2015, 16% of surveyed youth living in Salt Lake County had seriously considered suicide, 13% made a … Continue reading

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Preventing Child Abuse

Authored by: Chris Bereshnyi, Family Therapist at Salt Lake County Youth Services As April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, I would like to talk about some factors that strengthen families, and thus reduce the risks of child abuse. Of … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement Partnerships with Salt Lake County Youth Services

Authored by Kari Larsen, Youth Services Juvenile Receiving Center – F.A.S.T. Case Manager and Carol Hendrycks, Youth Services Communications Manager Salt Lake County Youth Services works closely with local law enforcement and specifically with the Salt Lake County’s Sherriff’s Department. Youth … Continue reading

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Common questions about Strengthening Families

Authored by: Khanh Tong, Prevention Case Manager In the Prevention team at Salt Lake County Youth Services; we’ve getting a lot of questions about what our Strengthening Families class teaches, and how it works. In this blog, I hope to … Continue reading

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Setting boundaries with others: a necessity in interpersonal relationships

Authored by: Kent Larson, Family Therapist Last fall brought this country one of the most divisive elections I have ever seen in my lifetime (and I am old).  The contention created has been seen in the workplace, at family and … Continue reading

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Modeling Appropiate Drinking

Authored By: Chris Bereshnyi, Family Therapist When it comes to drugs and alcohol, it’s safe to say that most parents don’t want their kids ingesting, or even being around, these substances. We already know that the younger a person is … Continue reading

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How Parents Can Prevent Underage Drinking

Authored by: Patrick Holman-Hart, Youth Leader, Matheson Jr. High In the effort to raise healthy and productive children, there are many risks and behaviors to be aware of. One of the most pervasive problems we see affecting youth is underage … Continue reading

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