My voice

My love

Authored by: Female, 17


His smile takes me to a whole new world.

When he looks into my eyes, its like we are the only two in the planet.

We hug, and I feel his heart beating against my head.

His lips touch mine and suddenly, I am in a cool paradise.

He calls me to tell me that he loves me.

In that moment, my heart stops because I know he is truthful.

I love him, I love him.

He is my love and I dedicate all my loving soul to him.


Authored by: Female, 17


Silence it’s not a thing people usually like

But if you really think about it,

It’s peaceful.

When it’s silent, you don’t have to hear about problems in peoples lives

You don’t have tell your problems.

You don’t have to deal with the mess you call a life,

You don’t have to pretend to be a certain person,

You don’t have to live to expectations.

But when people start talking,

When the silence is gone,

The peace is broken.

It’s then when you have to go back to reality,

You have to deal with the problems and mess of this life.

When the silence is broken,

It’s when everything goes back to being bad.

My Brother

Authored by: Female, 17


A time when I feel love or loved is when I look into the eyes of my brother

He is a bad kid, but all kids are naughty once in a while

He has beautiful black hair, big black eye pupils and pale skin, just as me

When I look at him I feel happy, but when I look into his eyes, I feel so much love

He smiles and I skip a blink

when he says my name my heart beats so fast, it’s insane

I love that baby boy

without him I’m lost

He is my life!


Authored by: Female, 19


Love is happy

Love is strong

Love is the sound of laughter

Love is the sound of a beating heart

Love is sad

Love is heartbreaking

Love is good and bad

Love is hard at times

Love is imagination

Love is real

Love is kind

Love is comforting

Love is that feeling when someone or something makes you feel inside

One in a Million

Authored by: Female, 17


When I first saw you
It was only a dream
When I first met you
You were the nicest to me
You were on in a million

I went to school with you
You were top of the class
I sort of got to know you
You were a respectable man
You were one in a million

I shared dark secrets with you
You were understanding
You made time for me when I called you
Whether I was or wasn’t crying
You were one in a million

You are understanding
You are kind
You are a blessing in my upside down life
You are the only one that is more than one in a million

The Most Alone

Authored by: Female, 17


People tell me I’m strong,

Many say I’ll make it through,

Little do they think they know,

That is when I am the most alone.

Day after day I sit and wait,

Counting seconds that continue on,

Wishing time wouldn’t be so slow,

That is when I am the most alone.

As I watch my friends in hardship,

Tears down their face and in their eyes,

With a broken heart and no more hope,

That is when I am the most alone.

I miss my family, I miss my house,

Despite the pain, I miss the fun,

I have no place to call my home,

That is when I am the most alone.

I feel abandoned, yet I have a place to sleep,

I feel unloved, yet there is a few that do care,

Most will never understand and know,

What I mean when I am the most alone.