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Confronting Relational Aggression in Teen Girls

Creating Guidelines to Create Support As a facilitator of a female support group, I often meet with teen girls and their families before a new group starts. It is surprising the number of girls who announce to me on our … Continue reading

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Motivational Speakers Help Youth See Possibilities

Imagine yourself at the ripe age of 16. If you’re like me, you were living moment to moment but at least in the back of your mind you were thinking about graduation, college and what you wanted to “be when … Continue reading

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Foster Better Family Relationships through Communication

As a therapist the one thing I see over and over again with teens and their parents is poor communication. Both sides often feel they aren’t being heard and both sides are often right.  Listening, truly hearing what the other person … Continue reading

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Community Service – Commission on Youth

As the summer heats up so does the Salt Lake County Commission on Youth(COY), an advocacy organization formed in 1974 to promote youth causes and advise the Salt Lake County Mayor’s office in matters of youth planning, policies and procedures. The June … Continue reading

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Teens and Underage Drinking

Rudy Lucas* came to Youth Services because her alcohol use had gone from occasional and fun to something she felt she needed to do all the time. “At first I liked the social network of drinking. When you’re drinking you … Continue reading

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Searching for a Safe Place: LGBTQ Youth

 Adolescence: A time of excitement, change, and – at times – awkwardness and uncertainty. It’s the age when most are just trying to fit in. But where can youth turn when they feel they don’t? One particular group that is often searching … Continue reading

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